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CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Urinary Catheterisation

Indications Intermittent Measurement of bladder residual volume. Obtaining uncontaminated urine for microscopy and culture (especially in females or young children). Facilitating adequate bladder emptying (e.g. in conditions associated with atonic bladder). Intravesical installation of drugs (e.g. contrast media in suspected…
Robert Meyer (1864 - 1947) 340

Robert Meyer

Robert Meyer (1864 - 1947) was a gynaecologist and pathologist. Eponymously affiliated with the Weigert-Meyer rule he described in 1907. Meyer was recognised world wide as one of the founders of gynaecological pathology and for his contributions to embryology.
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Weigert-Meyer rule

Weigert (1877) and later Meyer (1907) recognized that the disposition of the ectopic orifice to lie caudal and medial to the orthoptic orifice was almost universal in cases of ureteral duplication. Weigert-Meyer Law.
Emergency Musical Interlude

EMI 004 Let it flow

Once again ZDoggMD has come up with an anthem for the masses, the prostate masses that is...'Let it Flow' the latest Frozen parody