A 50 yo male is brought in by ambulance in a shocked state. He has a 3-day history of fevers, vomiting and right thigh pain on the background of morbid obesity, type II diabetes and hypertension.

His initial venous blood gas (VBG) shows a severe metabolic acidosis with a lactate of 18.

On examination his vital signs include SBP 60, HR 145, RR 60, 95% 4LNP with a BSL reading ‘high’. There is a large area of cellulitis medial and posterior right thigh and scrotum.

CT Case 023 01
CT Case 023 02

Describe and interpret the CT images


There is extensive gas within the subcutaneous fat of the right posteromedial thigh, extending from proximal thigh to just above the knee joint. There is associated fat stranding representing subcutaneous oedema.

There is no drainable collection seen.

No gas is seen in the perineum itself. This is important to note as presence of gas in the perineum would indicate Fournier gangrene.

CT Case 023 01 label
CT Case 023 02 label 2


Necrotising soft tissue infections (NSTIs) include necrotising fasciitis, myositis and cellulitis.

This is a case of extensive necrotising cellulitis. These infections are characterised by rapidly progressing tissue destruction, systemic toxicity and carry a very high mortality.

Early surgical debridement and antibiotic therapy are essential.

Management for this patient included multiple surgical debridements, broad spectrum antibiotic therapy (meropenem and vancomycin as well as clindamycin for anti-toxin cover), high dose vasopressors, BSL stabilisation and a period of haemodialysis for acute oliguric renal failure.




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