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LITFL 100 CT scan quiz

Clinical cases and self assessment problems to enhance interpretation skills through CT scan interpretation in clinical context problems. Preparation for examinations.

Each case presents a clinical scenario; a series of questions; clinical images and finally some pearls to highlight the key learning points. We trust that you will find a few clinical pearls or reminders that you could apply to your patients that you care for in your emergency department or other health setting

Search by keywords; disease process; condition; eponym or clinical features…

CT Scan 007Ross Golden, S-sign, S shape, lung malignancy, hilar mass, lung cancer, horizontal fissure, CXT, CT chest, thorax,
CT Scan 006CT aortogram, STEMI, dissection, Aortic dissection, RCA, right coronary, Stanford, CT chest
CT Scan 005CT brain, CT head, perfusion scan, CVA, embolic stroke, M1, MCA occlusion, penumbra, old stroke
CT scan 004CT head, CT brain, subarachnoid haemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, SAH, Berry aneurysm, circle of Willis, nontraumatic, amyloid angiopathy
CT scan 003CT abdomen, rectus sheath haematoma, blush, hematoma, anaemia,
CT scan 002CT head, CT brain, sdh, pediatric, brain, head, hemorrhage, haemorrhage, subdural haematoma,
CT scan 001CT head, CT brain, vasogenic oedema, seizure, intra-parenchymal bleed, intracranial hemorrhage, haemorrhage, cerebral metastasis, edema

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