High emotion in the workplace: Session 4

Strategies for dealing with high emotion in the workplace – Session 4

SMACC Sim Team: Jessica Stokes-Parish, Renee Lim, Claire Richmond

Humans are complex. We all react to situations differently. Creating stereotypes allows us to react to others is particular ways. Role plays with actors allow us to experience and learn about how we react to these situations.

  • Session 1: SMACC Sim Team; Claire Richmond
  • Session 2: SMACC Sim Team; Chris Hicks, Jesse Spurr
  • Session 3: SMACC SIM Team; Jenny Rudolph
  • Session 4: SMACC Sim Team; Jessica Stokes-Parish, Renee Lim, Claire Richmond
  • Session 5: SMACC Sim Team; Chris Nickson

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