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We are Pramod, Shreyas, Kit, Caroline and Samoda – a group of trainees and consultants from the Emergency Medicine Training Network Five (NSW).

We host regular Journal Club episodes discussing some of the latest research and publications relevant to emergency medicine and its practice within Australia.

In addition to this, we have also started two new segments:

  • Emergency Medicine Case Series: real-life cases with clinical or diagnostic challenges.
  • Emergency Medicine Conversations: interviews with emergency physicians who are involved in very interesting things!

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EpisodePodcast Keywords
22.3Pelvic Fractures, Binders, Imaging Modalities & More!pelvic fracture, pelvic binders, pelvic x-ray
22.2Distal Radius Fracture Managementdistal radius fracture, closed reduction, ORIF, CT wrist
22.1Knee Dislocation & Vascular Injuryknee dislocation, popliteal artery, vascular injury, ABI, CT angiogram
21.3ARDS & Ventilation Strategieslung protective ventilation strategies, ARDS, COVID-19, ventilator settings
21.2Intravenous Fluids & Sepsisnormal saline, Hartmann's, sepsis, septic shock, shock
21.1Cardiogenic Shockcardiogenic shock, vasopressors, blood pressure management, ionotropes
20.3Burnout & Way Forwardwell-being, burnout, emergency medicine
20.2Stress Or Burnout?stress, burnout, emergency medicine
20.1Burnoutburnout, emergency medicine, ED
19.3Sarin & Chemical WarfareSarin, chemical warfare, nerve agents, cholinergic toxidrome
19.2Drug Overdose & Pregnancydrug overdose in pregnancy
19.1ClozapineClozapine, adverse effects
18.3Environmental Medicine - Parachute Use & Aviationparachute use in aviation, research methods, study design
18.2Environmental Medicine - Diving & Otologydiving injury
18.1Environmental Medicine - Heat Stroke & Cooling Techniquesheat stroke, exertional hyperthermia, cooling techniques
17.3UGI Bleeding & Proton Pump Inhibitorsupper gastrointestinal bleeding, PPI
17.2TEG In Variceal Bleedingupper gastrointestinal bleeding, varices, cirrhosis, TEG
17.1UGI Bleeding & Endoscopy Timingupper gastrointestinal bleeding, timing of endoscopy
16.3Neurology - Status Epilepticus & Pharmacological Agentsstatus epilepticus, seizure, Levetiracetam, Fosphenytoin, Valproate
16.2Neurology - Guillain-Barré Syndrome COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccination, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, GBS
16.1Neurology - Vertigovertigo, acute vestibular syndrome, BPPV, posterior circulation stroke
15.3Paediatrics - Mental Health & Challengesautism spectrum disorder, ADHD, shortfalls in healthcare
15.2Paediatrics - Family Presence During Resuscitationpaediatric cardiac arrest, family presence
15.1Paediatrics - Appendicitis rates of delayed diagnosis of appendicitis and its complications across various racial groups
14.3Cardiology - The Futureartificial intelligence, future of medicine, scoring systems
14.2Cardiology - EDACSchest pain risk stratification, EDACS
14.1Cardiology - HEART Scorechest pain risk stratification, HEART score
13.3Workplace Violence - Part 3workplace violence, emergency department, code black, verbal de-escalation
13.2Workplace Violence - Part 2workplace violence, emergency department, frontline workers, coping strategies
13.1Workplace Violence - Part 1workplace violence, emergency department
12.3Christmas Special - Injuries & The Holiday Periodfestive season, holiday period, MI
12.2Christmas Special - Snake Bitessnake bites, antivenom
12.1Christmas Special - Q FeverQ fever
11.3YEARS AlgorithmPE in pregnancy, YEARS algorithm
11.2PE Response Teampulmonary embolism, PE response team, ECMO
11.1Age Adjusted D-DimerPE, age adjusted D-dimer
10.3General Surgery - Appendicitisuncomplicated appendicitis, appendectomy, antibiotic therapy
10.2General Surgery - Peri-Operative COVID-19COVID-19, perioperative complications, pulmonary complications, delay in elective surgery
10.1General Surgery - Uncomplicated Diverticulitisuncomplicated acute diverticulitis, antibiotic therapy
9.3COVID-19 - Treatment OptionsCOVID-19, Remdesivir, Dexamethasone, Baracitinib, Tocilizumab
9.2COVID-19 - VITTCOVID-19, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, CVST, d-dimer
9.1COVID-19 - Awake Prone PositioningCOVID-19, awake prone positioning, hypoxemic respiratory failure
8The Lockdown Specialaccess block in ED, primary spontaneous pneumothorax, SAH
7Medical Oncologydexmedetomidine and hyperactive delirium at end of life, immune checkpoint inhibitors, frailty
6Retrieval MedicineOOHCA, scalpel cricothyroidotomy, pre-hospital medicine, pre-hospital plasma
5Paediatricsserious bacterial infections, testicular torsion, TWIST score, acute exacerbation of asthma
4Women In Medicinewomen and ACS, motherhood and medicine, workplace, gender inequality
*Bonus EpisodeECMO, refractory OOHCA, aortic dissection risk score, double defibrillation, cardiac arrest
3POCUSUS, POCUS in cardiac arrest, FOCUS, US in long bone fractures
2Cardiologyout of hospital cardiac arrest, coronary angiography, Aslanger’s pattern, DAPT
1Toxicologymalathion, OGP, digoxin, digifab, overdose, organophosphate poisoning

Our Team
  • Pramod Chandru
  • Shreyas Iyer
  • Kit Rowe
  • Caroline Tyers
  • Samoda Wilegoda

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