Pulmonary Puzzler 340
Case of Acute Severe Asthma

A 25-year-old lady Miss. Poor Compliance is rushed into your Emergency Department as a Priority 1. She is a brittle asthmatic and has been given 3x 5mg salbutamol nebs, and 0.5mg of adrenaline IM prehospital. On arrival Miss PC is…

Choosing Life or Death

Everyone who works in ED or ICU should read Alicia von Stamwitz’s brief but moving account of her father’s last visit to the emergency department: The doctor explains what I already know: my father’s heart is weak, his kidneys are…

Aequanimitas osler 340
A Stroke of Insight
A few years ago I was looking after an elderly woman in the emergency department who had suffered a stroke. She was aphasic --- unable to understand speech or create comprehensible sentences.
EBM Gone Wild mountain 340
Kokoda Medicine
The popularity of the Kokoda Trail has increased dramatically over the last decade. More and more Australians are making the arduous trek through the muddy, steep terrain of the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea.
Patellar dislocation

A 32 male presents to the ED following a hefty collision with another player during a football game. During the altercation he sustained a direct blow to the medial aspect of his left knee. On examination the patient is lying…

Clavicle fractures

Case study: 16 year old boy arrives at triage holding his left arm adducted close to his chest and supporting it with his right hand. He sustained an injury to his left shoulder during a ‘wrestling’ encounter with his older…

Boxer’s fracture
The Boxer's Fracture: A fracture of the forth or fifth metacarpal neck with volar displacement of the metacarpal head.One of the most common injuries seen in the ED, and occurs in 20% of patients that punch a hard object.ost common injuries seen in the ED, and occurs in 20% of patients that punch a hard object.