American ER doc walkabout Rick Abbott LITFL 340
It costs what?
Rick Abbot, our 'American ER Doc Gone Walkabout', dives into the murky quagmire of medical costs in the United States and makes a comparison with what he experienced in Australia. At least he tries to...
American ER doc walkabout Rick Abbott LITFL 340
Consultants, HTFU
Among the consultants that we love to hate, where should we begin? Dermatology? Naah, dermatologists don't really exist, do they. Hospitalists? No, they're actually our friends. Psychiatry? Hmmmmm there's a potential.
SMACC Pecha Kucha PK Round-Up 4

As promised last week, here’s a round up of the next battery of PK SMACC-talks gunning for the prize of an iPad Mini at the increasingly imminent SMACC conference. Alan Williams gives the 400 second run down on Non-Invasive Ventilation…