The BREACH began as a department-wide monthly email. I would look in the major journals and FOAMed sites, trying to find the most useful studies and reviews. I summarised these in a bulletin to help us keep up to date and ensure our practice remained evidence-based.

In November 2018, I started podcasting with my friend and colleague Joe Bridgeman, and later that month I moved the material online as a blog. Several months later, I gave the website a major overhaul, separating each post and making it easier to search and navigate around. Four of our consultants joined the team to review the content and provide additional insights. Each post is now reviewed and ‘signed off’ at the consultant level before publication.

And why did we call it ‘The BREACH’? In the UK, we must all be careful to avoid a ‘breach’ – having a patient remain in the ED for more than 4 hours. A considerable amount of money, stress and management is devoted to this end. My acronym has the slightly contrived components ‘Bulletin and Round-up of EM’s Actual Current Happenings’.

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The BREACH team

Dr Barrie Stevenson The BREACH

Barrie Stevenson

BSc, MB ChB, MRCEM. Speciality Registrar, Creator, Webmaster, Owner and Editor-in-Chief of The BREACH blog and podcast

Dr Stevenson spent 10 years working in education before beginning his medical career. He also has a degree in Anatomy and Physiology and loves evidence-based medicine.

Dr Joseph Bridgeman The BREACH

Joseph Bridgeman

MB ChB. Podcast co-host

Dr Bridgeman has spent lots of time in A&E, across a variety of hospitals in south east England. He is now a surgical trainee, but is still fond of the action and excitement of Emergency Medicine.

Dr Dwynwen Roberts The BREACH

Dwynwen Roberts

MBBS, FRCEM. EM Consultant, Expert Reviewer

Originally from North Wales, Dr Roberts has worked in several hospitals in and around London. She has sub-speciality training in Paediatric EM and has interests in Medical Education and Resuscitation.

Dr Robert Tan The BREACH

Robert Tan

MB ChB, MRCP, FRCEM. ED Consultant, Expert Reviewer

Dr Tan has a medical degree from the University of Cambridge and is currently the Clinical Lead for Emergency Medicine at St Helier Hospital, London.

Dr Mohsin Jafri The BREACH

Mohsin Jafri

MBBS, MRCPCH. Paediatric Consultant, Expert Reviewer

Dr Jafri is an experienced paediatrician who has worked in two continents and consulted on several UK guidelines.

Dr Emily Goodlad the BREACH

Emily Goodlad

MB ChB, MRCPCH. Paediatric Consultant, Expert Reviewer

An Acute Paediatrician, Dr Goodlad loves being in the middle of the action in a busy paediatric A&E. She is a superb teacher and always has something wise to say to improve my blog posts.

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