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Beta-blocker toxicity

Beta blocker overdoses can be relatively benign but a couple can causes serious cardiotoxicity and even death if not managed aggressively.
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Propanolol Overdose

aka Toxicology Conundrum 044 A 27-year old female weighing 60kg presents to ED approximately one hour after swallowing 70 x 40mg propranolol tablets (= 2.8 grams) with suicidal intent. At the time of assessment she is drowsy (GCS 13) with…

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Sotalol: anti-arrhythmic; low doses = non-selective beta receptor antagonist; high doses = prolongs action potential
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Beta Blockers to Prevent Perioperative MI

The use of Beta-blockers in perioperative medicine has been an issue of intense research in Anaesthesia. Patients that are believed to benefit from beta-blockers are those with risk factors for ischaemic heart disease (HT, DM, hypercholesterolaemia, previous MI, angina, controlled heart failure)