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Wilhelm Fabry

Wilhelm Fabricius von Hilden, also known as Guilhelmus Fabricius Hildanus, became known as the father of German surgery.
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Burns are injuries to tissues caused by heat, friction, electricity, radiation, or chemicals. Burn injury is characterised by a hypermetabolic response with physiologic, catabolic and immune effects
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Burns and Pregnancy

Burns and Pregnancy: at risk of premature labour due to high levels of circulating prostaglandins; fluid replacement must cater for increased circulating volume
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Roman Breastplate

Burns were sustained by a 35 year-old man from a house fire. They are extensive and severe, affecting his trunk and upper limbs. He undergoes escharatomy.
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Honey, I shrunk the wound

Honey has been used for wound care throughout history, from c.2600 until the 1940s when antibiotics replaced it. However, due to increasing drug resistance, hospitals are starting to research honey for wound care again