POCUS - Basic Echo (FELS)

POCUS Made Easy: Basic Echo

Focussed ECHO in Life support (FELS) is used to define cardiac pathologies such as cardiogenic shock, pericardial tamponade, signs of submassive/massive PE or hypovolaemia
POCUS - Gallbladder

POCUS Made Easy: Gallbladder

The Gallbladder Ultrasound Exam in the Emergency Department can be used for patients with abdominal pain or jaundice to help in the diagnosis of: Biliary Colic, Cholecystitis or Ascending Cholangitis.
POCUS - Clue Protocol

POCUS Made Easy: CLUE Protocol

The Cardiopulmonary Limited Ultrasound Examination (CLUE) is a rapid shortened basic echo and lung exam combination to assess for cardiac and lung pathology.
POCUS - Lung

POCUS Made Easy: Lung

Lung Ultrasound Examination looks for pulmonary pathology including acute pulmonary oedema, pneumonia, pleural effusion, pleural abnormalities such as pneumothorax
POCUS - Fascia Iliaca Nerve Block

POCUS Made Easy: Fascia Iliaca Block

Fascia Iliaca Nerve Block is a regional analgesia nerve block used predominantly for hip fractures and femoral shaft fractures. The below video explains how to perform this block under ultrasound guidance.
POCUS - eFast

POCUS Made Easy: eFAST

eFAST (Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma) to look for haemothorax, pneumothorax, haemoperitoneum and haemopericardium

POCUS Made Easy: DVT

The DVT Ultrasound Exam in the Emergency Department is used mainly for assessment of above knee DVTs, in patients with suspected DVT. The video below explains how to perform an above knee DVT Ultrasound Exam.