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Henning Ruben

Henning Moritz Ruben (1914 – 2004) was a Danish anaesthetist. Inventor of teh Ruben valve, AMBU bag, Ambu man, and Head-tilt method in resuscitation
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Northern Ireland HEMS

The story of the Northern Ireland HEMS Service, from the political and public campaign to get it started right through to the teamwork and hard work involved in making this project a reality.
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Allan Burns

Allan Burns (1781 - 1813) was a Scottish anatomist and surgeon. Remembered for his monograph on heart disease, resuscitation options in cardiac arrest and Burns ligament (1802)
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Road to Resus 2: Resus in Emergency

Pre-hospital Resuscitation: Road to Resus Chapter 1 Ashley Liebig, Reuben Strayer and a panel of experts Three episodes spanning the patient journey from roadside pre-hospital trauma through the emergency and resuscitation rooms to the Intensive Care unit. Episode 1: Pre-hospital…

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RRSIDEAD • Resuscitation

Resuscitation Overview As with any basic and advanced life support it is important to have a systematic approach to managing toxicological emergency presentations. Pioneers in the field developed RRSIDEAD as a mnemonic to remember the key steps in Tox patient…