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Julia Dempsey; Sister Mary Joseph (1856 - 1939) 340

Sister Mary Joseph

Sister Mary Joseph (Julia Dempsey) (1856 - 1939) was an American Catholic nun, nurse, and hospital administrator. Sister Mary Joseph sign (1928)
Network Five Journal Club Podcast 340

Network Five: Women in medicine

Network Five Emergency Medicine Journal Club Episode 4 - women in medicine from gender-based differences with respect to morbidity and mortality to roles in leadership
Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried Waldeyer-Hartz (1836 – 1921) 340

Wilhelm von Waldeyer-Hartz

Heinrich Wilhelm Gottfried Waldeyer-Hartz (1836 – 1921) was a German anatomist. Recognised as one of the forefathers of Anatomical science, Waldeyer's fascia and Waldeyer's ring are 2 of his more well known eponyms
eponym LITFL 340

Marie Colinet

Marie Colinet von Hilden (c1560 - c1640) was a Swiss midwife and surgeon. First recorded ophthalmic extraction of metal from a patients eye with a magnet (1624)