Oliver Flower

Oliver Flower, staff specialist in Intensive Care Medicine at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney | CODA |
SMACC 2019 orange career wellbeing 340
Grief and Loss
Liz Crowe gives sage advice about dealing with grief and loss in the critical care setting, for both relatives and health care professionals.
SMACC 2019 red clinical critical care 340
Clot retrieval for stroke
A case example of a large vessel obstruction of the brain and our current techniques available to treat it. How we make decisions on endovascular treatment and management points for emergency and intensive care colleagues.
SMACC 2019 red clinical critical care 340
Fat, Feed and Futility
Muscle wasting in intensive care is the thief of future health. Hugh Montgomery shows us what a big issue this is and what can be done to mitigate the problem.
SMACC 2019 green community advocacy 340
ICU through their Eyes
If we put "emotion before cognition" and respond with empathy and curiosity instead of "answering feelings with facts" we build trust and learn values. The patient perspective with Laura Rock