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SMACC 2019 Sydney

Ultimate SMACC is coming!

The very last SMACC will be held in Sydney from 25-29 March 2019. The ticket ballot registration opens tomorrow, Monday 20 August 2018. The programme is fresh and the product of a diverse team of teams headed by Steve Mathieu (of The Bottom Line fame) bringing…

SMACC Chicago

Failing Spectacularly

We’re an odd bunch of people, we critical care practitioners. We perform a role defined by its high stakes, and we go at it with high intensity training, communication, and language. We learn that we must train like the military…

American ER doc walkabout Rick Abbott LITFL 340

ACEP12 Days 2 and 3

Rick Abbott is back with some insights and perspectives from #ACEP12 Days 2 and 3 - but the really big news is that he is taking Twitter by storm!

Busting the clotbusters (from SMACC 2013)

As revenge for an incident best left unmentioned, Chris Nickson of litfl.com handed me the poisoned chalice of speaking on tPA for stroke at SMACC 2013. This is the result. (Un)fortunately there is no actual video footage as I wasn’t…

Imagining the future

The theme of this session was "Imagining the Future" featuring Kendall Ho, Mike Cadogan and Stephen Atherton. It's long, but there is some good stuff in there. Excuse the mumbling chairman...and the lack of audio in some parts of the Q+A after the talks.