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Is there anything magnesium can’t do?

I’ve often extolled the virtues of magnesium to my residents as well as on twitter. It’s a sign of a well seasoned emergency physician to take any medical problem, and say “a little magnesium couldn’t hurt.” In this instance, a…

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Ranger IVs decrease flow

When you’re out in the field, IV access is precious. So you do everything you can to prevent losing a good line. In concept, Ranger IVs are perfect. They are a ruggedized field IV system in which an IV is…

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More dangers of centipedes?

Sometimes, when you’re in Rome, you shouldn’t act like Romans. This case report comes from Taiwan, where the authors got to take care of this intriguing case. A 49 year old male patient presented to the hospital with bullous lesions…

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Simulation on a budget

When you are teaching procedures, most educators prefer for the first couple of attempts to be simulations, and not on actual patients. But if you’re going to be teaching wilderness procedures, there are other factors in question. Do you use…

EBM Gone Wild mountain 340

Anticoagulants: Bad in the wilderness

As I have written about before, more and more people are taking oral anticoagulants for various medical conditions. For better or for worse, they aren’t then staying at home in a padded room, but continuing on their daily activities and…

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Bringing wilderness to the city

Most teaching faculty work at academic programs, which typically aren’t in areas considered “wilderness” by the average layperson. Thus, teaching wilderness and austere medicine in an urban environment is necessary for those of us who can’t get our departments to…

EBM Gone Wild mountain 340

The science of Search and Rescue

When someone is lost in the woods, it often becomes the responsibility of the search and rescue teams to find them. It’s not a simple as one may think, however. The grid lines they follow need to be designed to…

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So do we call them extreme infections?

It’s no secret that the “extreme athlete” industry continues to steamroll mainstream athletics. This isn’t a new trend, as evidenced by the fact that this review article is from 2007. Sorry for making everyone feel old by reminding them that…

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Beware the catfish

In case the noodling post hasn’t already made you afraid of getting in the water, here is yet another thing to worry about with regards to catfish. Catfish have multiple spines, and if you weren’t aware of that already then…

EBM Gone Wild sea 340

Motion sickness: A natural remedy

No, I haven’t switched to writing a CAM blog. I’ve covered natural remedies before, simply because that may be all you have at hand in the back country. This isn’t one of those situations. I don’t expect you to pull…

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Irrigating wounds in the wilderness

I’ve written here before about austere wound care, and one of the important comments I received was “irrigate with water clean enough to drink.” That’s a very valid point, as you don’t want to introduce new pathogens into the wound.…

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Don’t drink the water

Well, not unless you filter it first. Don't drink the water. This article discusses the diagnosis and treatment of a rare condition, and pitfalls of an inadequate physical examination.