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Does paper tape prevent blisters?

Feet get blisters, and the longer distances you move, the more likely they are to get them. While nuisances by themselves, blisters can lead to more concerning conditions such as cellulitis. Then they become a real problem, especially if you’re…

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Deep breathing to prevent acute mountain sickness

Mountain sickness can effect even the fittest among us. It is so prevalent that there are myriads of studies showing the lowest effective dose of acetazolamide, as it has unwelcome side effects. While other studies have shown that ibuprofen is effective…

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Wear the helmet anyway

Helmets continue to be recommended or required by multiple ski resorts worldwide. The main thinking is that prevention of traumatic causes of death will directly reduce mortality from avalanches and other alpine trauma. That being said, the authors of this…

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Copperheads don’t cause coagulopathy

Copperheads are common across the southeastern US, and are responsible for a significant number of crotalid envenomations in areas where they are endemic. However, they have the least potent venom of all the pit vipers, and often bites are self-limiting.…

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Big cats and you

Many people own pets. Somewhere around 30% of US households have dogs, and nearly the same amount have cats. There is certainly some overlap. However, these are the normal people. There are also between 5000 and 7000 tigers in captivity,…

International traveling with medications?

It’s something that most don’t think about. Many readers of this blog are lucky enough to not have chronic medical problems, but not all are. Still, most of us regularly interact with an increasing number of patients with chronic conditions. And…

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Stroke after crotalidae antivenom

When it first came out, crotalidae polyvalent immune Fab (CroFab), was seen as a godsend by many. It didn’t cause anaphylaxis or serum sickness to nearly the same degree as the old product.
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Has the bell tolled for redback antivenom?

Redback spider bites are of decent medical importance, if you live in Australia or any of the places they’ve been carried to by humans. Their venom inflicts you with pain that can be local, regional, or generalized. It can also…