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LITFL Clinical Case Collection. Over 250 Q&A style clinical cases to assist Just in Time Learning and Life Long Learning. Cases are categorised by specialty and can be searched by keyword from the database table

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VT or not VT

"VT or not VT? That is the question..." you muse. Then your patient Bill says "A shock, a shock, my kingdom for a shock"...
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ICE 004: Chest pain ECG

A 64 year old man attends the ED after developing chest pain radiating to the jaw and right arm while playing tennis. The pain has now been present for nearly half an hour and continues unabated. Describe his ECG
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Metabolic Mayhem

Two quick ECG problems for you this week. See if you can spot the common thread. This potassium with hyperkalemia, hypokalaemia
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Post-op Pacing Puzzler

Nightshift, ICU and one of your post-op cardiac patients is showing some worrying Post-op Pacing Puzzler Possible Wenckebach Mobitz 1
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 002: Trampoline injury

A 9 year old boy fell while trampolining and struck his head on the trampoline frame. There was definite loss of consciousness but just for how long is unclear as the only witnesses were friends his age. The clinical image shows findings on the left side of his head.
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Troubling Tachycardia

An ECG case of Bidirectional ventricular tachycardia focusing on two main causes: digoxin toxicity & catecholaminergic polymorphic VT - CPVT
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COPD Case 2 Lung Bullae

A patient with a history of COPD / severe emphysema presents with an exacerbation of their shortness of breath. What does this clip show?