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LITFL Clinical Case Collection. Over 250 Q&A style clinical cases to assist Just in Time Learning and Life Long Learning. Cases are categorised by specialty and can be searched by keyword from the database table

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Adult CXR Cases 010

August 2020 Adult Emergency Medicine Chest X-ray interpretation with Alyssa Thomas MD, Claire Milam MD, Travis Barlock, MD and Breeanna Lorenzen MD
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Diagnosis, Wenckebach?

Can you spot the "deliberate" mistake and solve the puzzle of this unusual ECG tracing? Wenckebach AV block SA block
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Lung abscess

A previously healthy 22 year old man with a 4 week history. He describes the cough, some mild shortness of breath on exertion, purulent sputum, fevers, night sweats and weight loss.
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Lung point Case 005

This thin young man presented with left sided sharp chest pain worse on deep inspiration. You take a quick look on either side for pneumothorax. What do you see?
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Lung Metastasis Case 001

A patient with a history of COPD / severe emphysema presents with weight loss, some pleuritic chest pain, and an exacerbation of their shortness of breath. What does this ultrasound clip demonstrate?