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The LITFL Clinical Case Collection includes over 250 Q&A style clinical cases to assist ‘Just-in-Time Learning‘ and ‘Life-Long Learning‘. Cases are categorized by specialty and can be interrogated by keyword from the Clinical Case searchable database.

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ECGROSC, hypotension and an ECG exigency
ECGWide, Complex and TroublesomeWCT, ECG, Broad complex, fascicular, RVOT
ToxicologyValproate… Still Big Trouble!valproate, valproic acid, hyperammonemia
ToxicologyValproate… Big Dose, Big Trouble!valproate, valproic acid, hyperammonemia
ToxicologyToxicology Mnemonic Challenge
MetabolicA Most Discombobulating Gaspriapsim, intracavernosal, cavernosal gas, Ischaemic priapism, stuttering priapism, urology
MetabolicA Really Tricky ABGRTA, strong ion difference, hypocalcaemia
Bone and JointAn unusual wrist injuryDRUJ, dislcoation
ICEDelayed presentation chest painwellens, ECG, cardiac, delay
ICEProgressive rash and feverSJS, stevens-johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, rash
ICEPleuritic painpneumothorax
ICEMarathon runner develops chest pain
ICE2 year old with a painful legtibia, fracture, toddler, toddler's fracture
ICETall StoryECG, EKG, hyperkalaemia, hyperkalemia
ICESkin rash and feverdengue, returned traveler, traveller
ICEFoot traumaLisfranc
ICEABG Puzzlermountain, mount everest, alkalaemia, alkalemia
ICEAbdominal pain investigationspancreatitis, alcohol
ICEKnee injury X-raysegond fracture
ICECollapse ECGBrugada
ICEChest pain ECGSTEMI, hyperacture, myocardial ischemia, anterior
ICESkin rash legseryhthema nodosum, panniculitis
ICETrampoline injuryBOS fracture, battle sign, mastoid ecchymosis, bruising
ICEForearm injuryGalleazi, fracture dislocation
ToxicologyWhy So blue?methylene blue, Methaemoglobinemia, methemoglobin
ToxicologySeizures, Sedation and Salivaclozapine
ToxicologyStuffed, Speeding and Busted!Methamphetamine, body stuffing, body packer, body stuffer
ToxicologyAnother TCA Overdose!TCA, tricyclic, overdose, sodium channel blockade
ToxicologyAlprazoslammedalprazolam, BZD, benzo, benzodiazepine, benzodiazepines, flumazenil
ToxicologyLithium, Vomiting And Diarrhoealithium, neurotoxicity, acute toxicity
ToxicologyBrain Dead?baclofen, GABA, Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate, GHB
ToxicologyA Fumbling, Mumbling Mess!Carbamazepine, toxidrome, carbamazepine cardiotoxicity, Tegretol, multiple-dose activated charcoal, MDAC
ToxicologyParacetamol-Induced HepatotoxicityHepatotoxicity, Acetaminophen, Schiodt score, hepatic encephalopathy, N-acetylcysteine, NAC
ToxicologyPropanolol Overdosebeta-blocker, B Blocker,
ToxicologyTherapeutic ShoweringCannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, cyclical vomiting, THC, delta-nine-tetrahydrocannabinol
ToxicologyA Remorseless PoisonColchicine
ToxicologyA Toxic SlumberClonidine
ToxicologyI’m Just Trying To Get Clean Bro’Bath salts
ToxicologyMeow-Meow MephedroneMephedrone
ToxicologyLife in the TOO fast lane?Bromo-DragonFLY, M-ket, Kmax, Mexxy, Meow-Meow, Mephedrone, Methoxetamine, Naphyrone, NRG-1, Salvia, K2, Spice
ToxicologyParalysis and a head lumpixodes holocyclus, tick, paralysis,
ToxicologySmoking is deadlycyanide, carbon monoxide
ToxicologyHypoglycemia, but how?hypoglycemia
ToxicologySeafood poisoningCiguatera, Scombroid, fugu, puffer fish
ToxicologyEthylene glycol inebriationethylene glycol, HAGMA, high anion gap metabolic acidosis, osmolar gap, Fomepizole, alcohol, ethanol
ToxicologyThe toddler with the Iron gutiron toxicity, Desferrioxamine chelation therapy
ToxicologyChloroquine poisoningchloroquine
ToxicologyCorrosive ingestioncorrosive agent
ToxicologyThe Antidote ChallengeAntidote
ToxicologyStiff and TwistedOculogyric crisis, OGC, acute dystonia, Acute Dystonic Reaction, butyrophenone, Metoclopramide, haloperidol, prochlorperazine, Benztropine
ToxicologyTwo pills can killTricyclic, Theophylline, Sulfonylureas, Propanolol, Opioids, Dextropropoxyphene, Chloroquine, Calcium channel blockers, Amphetamines, ectasy
ToxicologyVerapamil overdoseverapamil, calcium channel blocker, cardiotoxic, HIET, high-dose insulin euglycemic therapy,
ToxicologyThe ‘sniff a poison’ challengearoma, smell
ToxinologySnakebite Envenoming Challengesnake-bite, snake bite, Brown snake, Black, Death adder, Taipan, sea snake, tiger
ToxicologyToxidrome ChallengeAnticholinergic syndrome, Malignant hyperthermia, Neuroleptic malignant syndrome, Serotonin toxicity
ToxicologySerotonin toxicitySerotonin toxicity, Serotonin syndrome, toxidrome
ToxicologyToxic Seizuresproconvulsive, venlafaxine, tramadol, amphetamines, Bupropion, Otis Campbell
ToxicologyTricyclic antidepressant toxicityTCA, tricyclic, overdose, sodium channel blockade, Amitriptyline
ToxicologySupratherapeutic INRanticoagulation, warfarin
ToxicologyChloral hydrate overdoseMickey Finn, pear,
ToxicologyThyroxine overdosethyrotoxic storm, Thyroxine, T4
ToxinologyNecrotic arachnidism?white-tailed spider, Lampona, L. cylindrata, L. murina
ToxicologyCitalopram overdoseCitalopram, SSRI,
ToxicologyWarfarin deliberate self poisoningwarfarin
ToxicologyLittle Johnny and Grandad’s warfarinwarfarin, accidental ingestion, toddler
ToxicologyTheophylline overdose
ToxinologyLionfish envenomingMarine, envenoming
ToxinologyStingray envenomingMarine, envenoming, penetrating, barb, steve irwin,
ToxinologyIt was the little octopus!Marine, envenoming, Blue-Ringed Octopus, BRO, Hapalochlaena
ToxinologyChironex fleckeri envenomingJellyfish, marine, Chironex fleckeri, Box Jellyfish
ToxinologyIrukandji Syndrome Territory-styleJellyfish, marine, Jack Barnes, Carukia barnesi, Irukandji Syndrome, Darwin
ToxinologyStung Inside A Stinger NetJellyfish, marine, Jack Barnes, Carukia barnesi, Irukandji Syndrome
ToxicologyStrychnine poisoningStrychnine, opisthotonus, risus sardonicus
ToxicologySuboxone poisoningnaloxone, Buprenorphine
ToxinologySnakebite or Stickbite?snake-bite, snake bite, SVDK
ToxinologyIs this a RedBack I see before me?Red back spider, redback, envenoming, RBS
ToxinologyBitten by a Redback SpiderRed back spider, redback, envenoming, RBS
ToxicologyPoisoning by a mercury thermometer
ToxicologyParacetamol…too much, too often?Acetaminophen, N-acetylcysteine, NAC

Horrible Spots and Pain

Henoch-Schonlein Purpura, HSP, Henoch-Schönlein

Weak and vomiting

adrenal insufficiency, glucocorticoid deficiency, NAGMA, endocrine emergency

Zany Zipper

Penile Zipper Entrapment, foreskin, release, Zip

Ds and Vs, and can’t stand up

diarrohea, vomiting, hypokalemia, hypokalaemia, dehydration

Baby Tim Cries

infantile colic, TIM CRIES, crying baby

Splat! A vomiting infant

Pyloric stenosis, projectile vomit, hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, HPS, Rankin

Inhalational Emergency

respiratory distress, wheeze, foreign body, RMB, CXR, right main bronchus

Time to tighten those sphincters

airway obstruction, stridor, severe croup, harsh cough, heliox, intubation, sevoflurane

Hypercyanotic Episodes in the Newborn

boot-shaped, TOF, coeur en sabot, Tetralogy of Fallot

Hemolysis and renal failure

Spherocytes, Shistocytes, Polychromasia, reticulocytosis, anemia, anaemia, hemolytic uremic syndrome, HUS

Hyperammoniacal Encephalopathy

Reye syndrome, ammonia, metabolic encephalopathy, aspirin

Go the F#$% to Sleep

Ketamine, procedural sedation, pediatric sedation

Nasal foreign body

Foreign Body, ketamine, laryngospasm, Larson's point, laryngospasm notch

Lid Cracked Open

ophthalmology, eye trauma, Eyelid laceration, lacrimal punctum

Bashed, Blind And Bulging

ophthalmology, Retrobulbar hemorrhage, haemorrhage, RAPD, lateral canthotomy, DIP-A CONE-G, cantholysis

Another Poke In The Eye

ophthalmology, corneal abrasion, eye trauma, eyelid eversion

Blunt Trauma To The Eye

ophthalmology, commotio retinae, eye trauma, traumatic eye injury

Half An 8 Ball

ophthalmology, Traumatic iritis, hyphaema, hyphema,

Bump And Blur

ophthalmology, lens dislocation, Anterior dislocation of an intraocular lens

Out Of Sight

ophthalmology, visual loss, loss of vision , blind

A Woman Of Singular Vision

ophthalmology, Central retinal vein occlusion, CRVO, branch retinal vein occlusion, BRVO

A Man Of Singular Vision

ophthalmology, Central retinal artery occlusion, CRAO, cherry red spot, Branch retinal artery occlusion, BRAO

More Befuddling Pupillary Asymmetry

ophthalmology, miosis, partial ptosis, anhidrosis, enophthalmos, horner

I Can See Clearly Now

ophthalmology, visual loss, Amaurosis fugax, TIA, transient ischemic attack

The Goggle-Eyed Fisherman

ophthalmology, Pre-septal cellulitis, preseptal cellulitis, peri-orbital cellulitis, Post-septal cellulitis, post septal cellulitis, orbital cellulitis

You’re Blind And Your Hair Is A Mess

ophthalmology, AION, giant cell arteritis, GCA, Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy

Stressed And Branching Out

ophthalmology, Herpes simplex keratitis, dendritic ulcer

A Gritty Sticky Red Eye

ophthalmology, Conjunctival injection, conjunctivitis, keratoconjunctivitis, Adenovirus, trachoma, bacterial, viral, Parinaud oculoglandular conjunctivitis

The Eye In Chemical

ophthalmology, Chemical injury, cement, alkali, burn, chemical conjunctivitis, colliquative necrosis, liquefactive

Blinded By The Light

ophthalmology, Ultraviolet keratitis, keratopathy, solar keratitis, photokeratitis, welder's flash, arc eye, bake eyes snow blindness.

Pupils And Prostitutes

ophthalmology, Parinaud, adie, holmes, tabes dorsalis, neurosyphylis, argyll Robertson, small irregular

Aching Red Photophobic Eye

ophthalmology, anterior Uveitis, HLA-B27, hypopyon

The Ocular Ultrasound Challenge

ophthalmology, POCUS, ONSD,

Blowout fracture

ophthalmology, Blowout fracture, infraorbital fracture

Eyes Wide Split

ophthalmology, endophthalmitis, sympathetic ophthalmia, penetrating eye trauma

Flashing And Floating

ophthalmology, tobacco dust, Posterior vitreous detachment, vitreous debris, retinal tear, retinal break, Washer Machine Sign, Eales disease

A Pox On Your Eye

ophthalmology, Herpes zoster ophthalmicus, dendriform keratitis, Hutchinson sign

Something In My Eye Doc

ophthalmology, Siedel, FB, rust ring, Corneal foreign body, Seidel test

That Optic Disc Doesn’t Look Right 2

ophthalmology, Papilloedema, Papilledema, pseudopapilloedema

That Optic Disc Doesn’t Look Right

ophthalmology, optic disc, optic neuritis, Marcus-Gunn, papillitis, multiple sclerosis, funduscopy, optic atrophy, papilledema

A Curtain Descends

ophthalmology, retinal break, POCUS, retinoschisis, Retinal detachment

Blind, Aching And Vomiting

ophthalmology, cupping, glaucoma, optic neuropathy, tonometry, intraocular pressure, open angle, closed angle, gonioplasty, Acute closed-angle glaucoma

Coughing Kid And Blood Red Eye

ophthalmology, Subconjunctival hemorrhage

Exasperating Eyelids And The Red Eye

ophthalmology, Meibomitis, blepharitis, entropion, ectropion, canaliculitis, dacryocystitis

The Man Who Blinked Too Much

ophthalmology, blepharospasm, blink, blinking

The Red Eye Challenge

Iritis, keratitis, acute angle-closure glaucoma, scleritis, orbital cellulitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis (CST)

Befuddling Pupillary Asymmetry

ophthalmology, fixed, dilated, pupil, holmes-adie, glass eye

Diagnosis, Wenckebach Squared?

Wenckebach, AV block, SA, deliberate mistake, SA block

Pacemaker Panic #2

dual chamber AV sequential pacemaker

Winter is Coming

anterior AMI, De Winter T waves, LAD stenosis

Another Widow Maker

LMCA Stenosis, ST elevation in aVR, Left Main Coronary Artery

Syncope, shock and chest pain

LMCA, Left Main Coronary Artery Occlusion, ST elevation in aVR

VT or not VT?

VT, BCT, WCT, Brugada criteria, Verekie

Metabolic Mayhem

severe hypokalaemia, spironalactone, rhabdomyolysis, ECG, u wave, diabetic ketoacidosis

Post-op Pacing Puzzler

pacing, pacemaker, post-op, Mobitz I, Wenckebach, AV block

Troubling Tachycardia

bidirectional ventricular tachycardia, Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia, CPVT, digoxin toxicity

Flummoxing Familial Fibrillation

congenital, short QT syndrome, SQTS, AF, Atrial fibrillation

Sporting Sudden Syncope

RVOT, broad complex tachycardia, BCT, Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Tachycardia, VF, Arrest, Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy, ARVC

Subtly Sinister

NSTEMI, inverted U wave,

Scary Seizures and Somnolence

tricyclic antidepressant, TCA, Doxepin, QRS broadening, cardiotoxic

Marathon related ECG

AIVR, Accelerated idioventricular rhythm, Isorhythmic AV dissociation, Sinus arrhythmia, idioventricular

Puzzling Paroxysmal Palpitations

LAD, LBBB, High left ventricular voltage, HLVV, WPW, Broad Complex Tachycardia

Risky Rhythms

tachy-brady, AVNRT, flutter, polymorphic VT, VF, torsades de pointes, R on T, Cardioversion

Pain free and in VT

LBBB, Wellens, ECG, proximal LAD, occlusion, rate-dependent, inferior ischaemia

ECG Exigency

SI QIII TIII, PE, PTE pulmonary embolism, PEA arrest, RBBB, LAD

Cardiac Megacode

HOCM, STE, aVR, LMCA, torsades des pointes. TDP

Something’s not right…

aortic arch, right sided, diverticulum of Kommerell

Intra-aortic Balloon Pump

IABP, CABG, shock, circulatory collapse

The Paradoxical Alternative

electrical alternans, ECG, pulsus paradoxus

Trouble-Shooting the IABP

Intra-aortic Balloon Pump, Waveform, dicrotic notch

DeBakey Dissection

DeBakey, TAA, aortic dissection, CTA

Tetraology of Fallot and BT shunts

Tetraology of Fallot, BT shunt, Blalock-Tausig, ToF

Exogenous Calcium Embolism

PVP, cement, embolus, Percutaneous Vertebroplasty

Pulmonary Embolism

Pulmonary Embolism, PTE, PE, McConnell, thrombolysis, echo
Bone and Joint


Missed posterior shoulder dislocation

Needing a Diagnostic Kick-start

rash, neck nodule, Kawasaki

Frankly my Dear, i do give a damn

rash, fever, scarlet, strawberry, Group A Beta Haemolytic Streptococci (GABHS)
Tropical Travel

Tonsillitis and the Bull

diphtheria, pseudomembrance, grey tonsils, pseudomembrane, tonsillitis, diphtheria, Corynebacterium diphtheriae, gram-positive bacillus

Tyrian rage

purple, urine, indican, indican

Mahogany Myoglobinuria

brown, urine, rhabdomyolysis

Verdant waste

green, urine, propofol, PRIS

How Green is my urine!

green, urine

Where are the lemons?

orange, urine
Bone and Joint

Half Moon Nail

Half Moon Nail resolution

Nail, trauma, hematoma, subungual, haematoma, nail-bed
Bone and Joint

Devil's Horn Sign

Extensor tendon, hand injury, extensor digiti minimi,
Bone and Joint

Gordon Bennett

Thumb, fracture, base, phalanx, metacarpal, Edward Hallaran Bennett, bipartate

FPIES with that?

Food allergy, enterocolitis,
Bone and Joint

Stairs versus wrist

FOOSH, wrist fracture, FOOSH - 'fall onto outstretched hand', Barton fracture, John Rhea Barton

The hurty elbow

pulled elbow, nursemaid, hyperpronation

Sudden onset blue leg

Phlegmasia, dolens

Broken-Hearted Chest drain

ICC, intercostal, intra-cardiac, iatrogenic
Bone and Joint

Muscular claustrophobia

Compartment syndrome, Volkmann, fasciotomy
Bone and Joint

Broken open

Ankle, compound, fracture, dislocation, Six Hour Golden Rule, saline, iodine

Just a Sore Throat

retropharngeal abscess, posterior pharynx, mediastinitis, Lemierre syndrome, Fusobacterium necrophorum

The Hurty Throat

enlarged tonsils, pharyngitis, tonsillitis
ToxicologyMistaken IdentityColgout, colchicine, label, fenofibrate
Tropical TravelFever, Abdominal pain, Constipation and MaryMary Mallon, Salmonella typhi, typhoid, typhoid mary
Tropical TravelFever Arthralgia and RashDengue Fever, single-stranded RNA virus, Aedes, mosquito, Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS), Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF)
Tropical TravelHumongous HIV extravaganzaAIDS, Human immunodeficiency virus, lentivirus, anti-retroviral,
Tropical TravelTotal TB extravaganzatuberculosis
Tropical TravelMega Malaria extravaganzaFalciparum, Vivax, Ovale, Malariae, Knowlesi, Plasmodium
Tropical TravelBristol Stool Type VIIcholera, gram-negative comma-shaped bacillus, rice water stool, John Snow Pump, V. cholerae, vibrio
Tropical TravelRUQ pain and jaundiceEntamoeba histolytica, protozoan parasite, Amoebic dysentery, Flask Shaped amoebic trophozoite, Bloody stool,
Tropical TravelBloody diarrhoeashigellosis, Shigella, Enterotoxin, dysentery,
Tropical TravelStiff in the mouthTetanus, Tetanispasmin, Clostridium tetani, lock jaw, Opisthotonus, Autonomic dysfunction, toxoid
Tropical TravelFrothing MadRabies Immunoglobulin
Tropical TravelFever, Rash and a VuvuzelaKoplik, measles, rash, rubeola, Morbilivirus,
TraumaTrauma Under Pressurepermissive hypotension, MBA, MVA, widened mediastinum, pleural effusion, ICC
TraumaWhat Weingart would do IIknife, penetrating chest wound
TraumaWhat Weingart would do?knife, penetrating chest wound
TraumaTrauma! Major BurnsTBSA %, Burns Wound Assessment, Total Body Surface Area
TraumaTrauma! Extremity Arterial HemorrhageArterial pressure index (API), DPI (Doppler Pressure Index), Arterial Brachial Index or Ankle Brachial Index (ABI)
TraumaTrauma! Extremity Injuriescrush injury, degloving, deglove, amputation
TraumaHip and Pelvis Injurieship dislocation, Allis reduction, pelvic fracture
TraumaTrauma! Pelvic Fractures IPelvis fracture, stabilization, stabilisation,
TraumaTrauma! Pelvic Fractures IIpelvic stabilization, Pelvis fracture, stabilisation, Pre-peritoneal packing
TraumaTrauma! Massive Transfusionmassive transfusion protocol, Recombinant Factor VIIa, Thromboelastography (TEG)
TraumaTrauma! Major HaemorrhageCritical bleeding, hemorrhagic shock, haemorrhagic shock, lethal triad, acute coagulopathy of trauma
TraumaTrauma! Penetrating Abdominal Injurypenetrating abdominal trauma
TraumaTrauma! Blunt Abdominal Trauma Decision Making
TraumaLittle Wound, Long Knifepenetrating chest trauma wound, stab,
TraumaIt’s not a bird or a plane…Right Main Bronchus, RMB, Tracheostomy, Tooth, foreign Body
TraumaAnother complication of facial traumaLobar collapse, aspiration, blood clot
TraumaA bashed head
TraumaA Fiendish FindingTraumatic rupture of the diaphragm with strangulation of viscera
TraumaRoman Breastplateeschar, burns, full thickness,
TraumaTrauma and Pregnancysupine hypotension syndrome
TraumaTrauma and Pregnancy Redux
TraumaA Motorcyclist’s Irreparable InjuryiPhone
TraumaHigh Pressure-Injection Injuryoleoma, lipogranuloma,
TraumaHot lipsoral commissure, lingual artery hemorrhage,
TraumaMicrowave Meltdownpolymer fume fever, dielectric heating, super-heating, thermal injury
TraumaAdding insult to injury?DRE, Digital rectal exam examination trauma
TraumaTrauma! Are you prepared?Injury Severity score, ISS, golden hour, seatbelt sign
TraumaTrauma! Initial Assessment and Managementprimary secondary survey
TraumaTrauma! Traumatic Brain Injuryextradural hemorrhage, EDH, Monro-Kellie
TraumaTrauma! Spinal Injury
TraumaTrauma! Chest Injuries I
TraumaTrauma! Chest Injuries II
TraumaTrauma! Assessing the Abdomen
TraumaTrauma! Abdominal Injuries
TraumaTrauma! Genitourinary InjuriesGU, trauma, penis, penile, urethra, bladder, rupture
PulmonaryNot just pneumoniaswine flu, pneumomediastinum, CXR
PulmonaryNot just a PEThrombocytopenia, antiphospholipid syndrome
PulmonaryRoast duck and juniper beerHermann Boerhaave, Boerhaave syndrome, esophagus rupture, oesophagus
PulmonaryPneumonia gone bad
PulmonaryPulmonary panicpneumococcal pneumonia, HIV, bronchoscope, anatomy, RMB
PulmonaryBallooning Upsubcutaneous emphysema, FLAAARDS,
PulmonaryA Case of CO2 Narcosisrespiratory acidosis, hypercapnoea
PulmonaryRapid descenthypersensivity pneumonitis, diffuse alveolar haemorrhage, alveolar infiltrates
PulmonaryCollapse and recruitLung collapse, recruitment maneuver, bronchoscopy
PulmonaryExtraordinary CriesVocal cord dysfunction, VCD, paradoxical vocal cord motion, PVCM, posterior chinking
PulmonaryIs resistance futile?pneumococcus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, penicillin-resistant
PulmonaryMan versus MachineDOPES,
PulmonaryBronchospastic BP Badnessasthma
PulmonaryAlarmingly high pressuresdyssynchrony, mechanical ventilation, PEEP, Plateau pressure
PulmonaryPuffed Post-Tracheostomypneumomediastinum, tracheostomy, trachy, complication
PulmonaryPuzzling out the PERC rulePERC rule, D-Dimer, Pulmonary Embolism Rule-out Criteria, HAD CLOTS,
PulmonaryAbove the cloudsAMS, acute mountain sickness, high altitude, High-altitude cerebral edema, HACE, HAPE, High-altitude pulmonary edema
PulmonaryPulmonary Embolus pondering
ResusHe Simply Looks SickPulseless electrical activity, PEA
ResusSeizing and No Accessintraosseous access, EZ-IO,
ResusChoose Your Own Resus Adventure
ResusDoes Roc rock? Does Sux suck?Rocuronium, suxamethonium, succinylcholine, non-depolarising muscle relaxant, sugammadex, safe apnoea time
ResusOwn the FEASTFEAST, trial, research, pediatric, fluid resuscitation
ResusTo thoracotomy, or not to thoracotomy?
ResusOwn the Airway
ResusOwn the oxygen
ResusOwn the chest tubeICC, intercostal
ResusOwn the OxylogMechanical ventilation
OncologyFrom the HipSVC obstruction
OncologyTroubling Lab StrifeTumour lysis syndrome, Tumor lysis syndrome
OncologyCannonBallslung metastases braine mets testicular cancer BEP chemotherapy, Cannonball metastases
OncologyPulmonary Re-expansionre-expansion pulmonary oedema edema
MetabolicCould it be renal colic?abdominal aortic aneurysm, AAA, rupture, CT, rhabdomyolysis, creatine kinase
MetabolicWaxing and Waning Weaknesshypokalemia, hypokalaemia, periodic paralysis, u wave
MetabolicMetabolic Mayhem and a HeadacheCATMUDPILES, OGRE, NAGMA, HAGMA, USED CARP, hyperchloraemic metabolic acidosis
MetabolicStaph Sepsis Acidosisanion gap, pyroglutamic acidemia, HAGMA, high-anion gap, high anion, 5-oxoprolinemia, γ-glutamyl cycle, staph aureus, sepsis
MetabolicHypernatraemia and AcidosisHAGMA, high-anion gap, high anion, hypernatraemia, hypernatremia
MetabolicYou can beat the feelinghypokalaemia, hypokalemia, potassium, systemic bromism, coke, pepsi, coca-cola
MetabolicPregnant and Acidotic
MetabolicYoung and Yellowacute hepatitis, arterial blood gas, fulminant hepatic failure, lactic acidosis, lactic acidosis with hypoglycaemia, metabolic acidosis, metabolic muddle
MetabolicAmmon Anyone?hyperammonaemia, hyperammonemia
MetabolicExercise-associated HyponatremiaHyponatraemia, hypertonic saline, ultramarathon, runner, EAH, pontine myelinoysis
MetabolicHyponatraemic SeizuresHyponatraemia, hypertonic saline, pontine myelinoysis, Osmolality, desmopressin, SIADH, syndrome of inappropriate anti-diuretic hormone secretion
GastrointestinalAppendagitisAppendagitis, Epiploic, Abdominal pain, CT abdomen
GastrointestinalGordian knot?CT abdomen, Small bowel obstruction, SBO
GastrointestinalA Lesson in Historycathine, cathione, khat, hepatitis, cathionine
GastrointestinalSnookeredrectal foreign body, FB
GastrointestinalGut under pressureabdominal compartment syndrome, intra-abdominal pressure, intra-abdominal hypertension, IAH, ACS
HematologyD-dimer debaclesfibrinolytic, VTE, Wells, PERC
HematologyRecombinant Factor VIIafactor VIIa, rFVIIa, novoseven
HematologyThe Critical BleederCritical Bleeding, Massive Transfusion, Tranexamic Acid, TxA, MTP
HematologyDissociated Oxygen SaturationsDyshemoglobinemia, Acute myeloid leukemia, AML
ImmunologicalTraumatic Angioedemaangiodema, angioedema, lip sweliing
ImmunologicalSulfa Drug Discombobulationfrusemide, furosemide, lasix, sulfa,
ImmunologicalPalpable Excitementwegener, GPA, granulomatosis, palpable purpura
ObstetricObstetric Bleederamniotic fluid embolism, DIC, obstetric complication, disseminated intravascular coagulation, schistocytes,
MicrobialGram Negative DiplococciCSF, Meningococcal meningitis,
MicrobialPneumococcal pneumoniafulminant bacterial pneumonia, septic shock, Pneumococcus, Streptococcus pyogenes, urinary pneumococcal antigen,
MicrobialCAP Challenge!Legionella, community acquired pneumonia
MicrobialSick, Shocked and Sunburned?Staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome, Toxic-shock syndrome
MicrobialEscaping bugs
MicrobialFever in a spinal patient
MicrobialThe perfect human pathogen?Norovirus
ToxicologyToxicology Mnemonic ChallengeComa, similie, metaphor, flashcard, toxidromes, anticholinergic, cholinergic, PHAILS, OTIS CAMPBELL, PACED, FAST, COOLS, CT SCAN
NeurologyHIV brain massHIV, Mass effect, CNS lesion, Brain lesion
NeurologyComa with small pupilspancoast, argyll robertson, holmes-adie, coma, pinpoint, pin-point, horner syndrome
NeurologyBrainstem lesionsrule of 4, rules of four, brainstem, weber syndrome, wallenberg
NeurologyRules of 4rule of 4, rules of four, brainstem, Nothnagel syndrome, benedikt, claude,
NeurologyBulbar palsies
NeurologyComa in a spinal patient
NeurologyEye movements
NeurologyLook left, look rightUnilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia, medial longitudinal fasciculus, MLF, INO, one-and-a-half syndrome
NeurologyBullet in the HeadGSW, gunshot wound, bullet, TBI, Codman ICP monitor, Trans-cranial doppler, Near-infrared spectroscopy, NIRS, cerebral microdialysis catheter
NeurologyBallistically Potent VertigoBPPV, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, Dix-Hallpike test, semont, epley, dix hallpike, brandt-daroff
NeurologyMedically ClearedAnti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis, teratoma
To err is humanEntrappedcognitive error, bias, entrapment
To err is humanAre you Satisficed?rule of thumb, heuristic, satisficing, cognitive bias, metacognition
To err is humanA Mortal Battle with Four Hour Medicine
A Mortal Battle with Four Hour Medicine II
Anchoring Bias, confirmation, satisficing, clustering bias
CardiologyNo Radial Pulse
PaediatricNeonatal Diversionpediatric

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