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LITFL Clinical Case Collection. Over 250 Q&A style clinical cases to assist Just in Time Learning and Life Long Learning. Cases are categorised by specialty and can be searched by keyword from the database table

Ultrasound cases top 100 340

Lung collapse Case 1

This patient suffered right sided chest trauma with a rib fracture, tension pneumothorax and extensive surgical emphysema. Then became more SOB after treatment with ICC
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 013: Marathon runner develops chest pain

A 36 year old man has just completed a marathon. He develops chest heaviness, shortness of breath, nausea and feels dizzy and faint. He has no known past medical history and considers himself to be in excellent health, regularly competing in long distance running events.
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 012: 2 year old with a painful leg

A 2 year old child is brought in by her mother. The child is limping and seemingly refusing to weight bear on the right leg. The mother is a little vague about what might have happened but wonders if her daughter was injured while playing with her older siblings out in the garden this afternoon. The child objects to you touching and moving her right lower leg.
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 011: Tall Story

An 83 year old man with a past history of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and ischaemic heart disease has become progressively unwell over the last 5 days. His GP discovered a pneumonia on CXR and has been treating him with oral antibiotics for the last 3 days but his clinical condition has continued to worsen.
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 010: Skin rash and fever

A 22 year old man has just returned from a surfing trip to Timor. While away he developed a fever, headache and generalised aches and pains. The fever settled for a day or two but has now returned and he has developed a rash. The aches and pains continue unabated. He feels miserable.
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 009: Foot trauma

A 29 year old man stumbled into a gutter, tripped awkwardly and fell injuring his left foot. He has diffuse swelling and tenderness of the mid foot and is unable to weight bear on that limb.
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE008: ABG Puzzler

A femoral arterial blood gas sample is obtained from a 41 year old man...obtained when the barometric pressure was 272mmHg and the PiO2 47mmHg
ECG-Exigency-LITFL-Clinical-Cases-340 2

Winter is Coming

A case of anterior MI presenting with De Winter T waves. Learn to recognise this sign of critical LAD stenosis on the ECG...
ICE -Ian’s clinical emergencies 340

ICE 007: Abdominal pain investigations

A 57 year old man presents to the ED with 18 hours of severe upper abdominal pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. He looks jaundiced, his HR is 120bpm, BP 110/60, RR 22 and his temperature is 37.8oC. He is tender and guarded in his right upper quadrant on abdominal palpation.
ECG-Exigency-LITFL-Clinical-Cases-340 2

Another Widow Maker

A 55 year old man presents with a good chest pain story that makes you nervous. A review of ST elevation in aVR and LMCA Stenosis