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Ralph L Huber (1890-1953) 1

Ralph L Huber

Ralph L Huber (1890-1953) was an American Dentist and inventor. Created Huber-point needle (1943, patent 1945) commonly known as TUOHY needle
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Flexible bronchoscope

Flexible bronchoscope may be fibre optic, video or hybrid systems; diagnose diseases of the tracheobronchial tree (e.g. burns, tumours); obtain lung samples
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Heliox is a mixture of helium and oxygen, by substituting helium for nitrogen -> reduction in density of the gas -> reduction in Reynolds number -> more laminar flow -> reduces airflow resistance, work of breathing and dynamic hyperinflation
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Tiger tube

Tiger tube: Self advancing nasojejunal tube; short-term enteric feeding into the jejunum (<30 days); enteric administration of medications