Gerard Fennessy

Specialist Intensive Care Physician working at the Austin Hospital, Melbourne. Interests: Shoulder Dislocations, Pain Management, End-of-life care, Organ Donation and ECGs | Linkedin |
ECG Library BASICS 340 356
ECG Rule of Fours
aka ECG Interpretation Made Easy One day, in a town not too far from here, the ICU registrar (you) is admitting a 60 year old male, who has just been brought into the emergency department with profound weakness, and needed…
CCC Critical Care compendium 340
Six True Emergencies
Does your mind go blank at a code? “Whenever I turn up to a MET call, all I do is rule out six things." - the six true emergencies
What motivates us?
Are you curious about what motivates us? Money? Think again. Watch this YouTube video by RSAnimate and Dan Pink on Motivation, and you might be surprised.
CCC Critical Care compendium 340
Respiratory Monitoring in the ED
Emergency Medicine Critical Care (EMCC) is a brand new monthly publication by EB Medicine, the same folk that bring the monthly updates Emergency Medicine Practice (EMP) and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice (PEMP). If you haven’t had a chance to look…
Toxicology-Conundrum-340 256
A Remorseless Poison
A 20 year-old female had a polypharmacy overdose 36 hours ago. She has had symptoms of GI upset (nausea and vomiting), some anxiety and mild confusion. Her life is in your hands...
CCC Critical Care compendium 340
Post-cardiac arrest syndrome
Post-cardiac arrest syndrome (aka post-resuscitation syndrome). Occurs after return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) following cardiorespiratory arrest and involves multiple systems Reflects a state of whole-body ischaemia and subsequent reperfusion