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Bier Block 1909 August Karl Gustav Bier 340

Bier Block

Description Intravenous regional anaesthesia (IVRA) provides a simple, safe technique for various surgeries on the upper and lower limbs First performed by Bier in 1908. Fell into disuse Rediscovered with new anaesthetic agents in the 1940’s and Charles McKinnon Holmes…
Hermann Adolph Wülfing (1836 – 1910) 340

Hermann Adolph Wülfing-Lüer

Hermann Adolph Wülfing-Lüer (1836 – 1910) German Surgical instrument manufacturer. His wife Jeanne Amélie Lüer invented the original Lüer syringe in 1895
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Tuohy Needle

Tuohy Needle with Huber point: Non-coring type needle with a transversely curved wall and side hole giving it a long, sharp, curved tip. EB Tuohy (1946)
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Respiratory Monitoring in the ED

Emergency Medicine Critical Care (EMCC) is a brand new monthly publication by EB Medicine, the same folk that bring the monthly updates Emergency Medicine Practice (EMP) and Pediatric Emergency Medicine Practice (PEMP). If you haven’t had a chance to look…
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Warming blanket

Warming blanket; May be indicated if temperature <35°C; warmed air is blown over the patient allowing safe and effective heat distribution
Ralph L Huber (1890-1953) 1

Ralph L Huber

Ralph L Huber (1890-1953) was an American Dentist and inventor. Created Huber-point needle (1943, patent 1945) commonly known as TUOHY needle