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Prof Staghorn joins UCEM

Professor Inglebert Struvite Staghorn hails from the village of Calyxia nestled on the anaconda-infested shores of the Amazon River. Although the young Staghorn's missionary parents encouraged him to study the healing arts, he instead discovered a taste for the art of no-holds-barred fighting...
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Future of UCEM Decided

Today, at Enlightenment Boulevard near Pyongyang, standing before a joyous throng, Egerton Y. Davis IV made a momentous announcement.
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Evidence-based Homeopathy

Evidence-based Homeopathy is an exciting new textbook. This exhaustive tome is essential reading for all candidates for the up-coming UCEM Fellowship.
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The Broken Doctors Hotel

After a particularly bad winter, with trolley bound patients waiting hours for a bed and colleagues calling in sick as they became increasingly physically and mentally run down…I close my eyes and dream of a new life running a bar, restaurant…
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Awaiting the Chop

Feeble sunlight trickled through the dew-drenched windows. The patients were finishing their breakfasts. The medical student wiped the sleep from his eyes and followed the team into the next room.

Jack Dee nomination for F.UCEM

Excitement is building as post-prandial somnolence evolves into austere reverence as the Utopian College Council start the protracted process of sobering up in time to announce the inaugural New Years Day Honours list. This year 50 new individuals will be officially…
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UCEM Develops Waiting Room Video

In an effort to reduce the number of comedy Emergency Department presentations, UCEM is pleased to endorse the playing of David Shrigley's 'Don'ts' in all Australian Emergency Department waiting rooms.
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Egerton Y. Davis IV, Hygienist for the Council Executive and Head of the Demographically Impartial Public & Social Health Improvement Taskforce, held a press conference at the UCEM headquarters on Enlightenment Boulevard today.
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The Art of Sloughing

Your first referral to an inpatient team can be daunting. As a waiting room MUPPET it is often your first opportunity to put into practice lessons learned from years of medical pimping. The UCEM hopes to demonstrate through a series of video tutorials, the alternate sloughing methods employed by internal specialists. Awareness of sloughing tactics will greatly assist in refining your referral skills.