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UCEM PR Supervisor Promoted

Egerton Yorick Davis IV was born in his ancestral home of Caughnawauga, Quebec. His early career was beset by naysayers who doubted he could ever emerge from the shadow of his great-grandfather, Egerton Y. Davis, the former US Army Captain renowned for first describing penis captivus.
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Sultana-related Sentinel Event

The LITFL team have heard through the grape vine that Professor Inglebert Struvite Staghorn, at the bequest of the Society for the Prevention of Surgery, has been investigating an unfortunate episode currantly referred to as the ‘Sultana-related Sentinel Event’. A…
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Lost in Translation…again

Whether it is interpreting a physicians handwriting, transcribing the muffled rants of the dictating clinician or battling the auto-correct function of microsoft word...meaning can sometimes be lost in translation...
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Diploma of HTFU

UCEM announce the inauguration of a new educational qualification - the DipHTFU. We also find who is the first recipient of this prestigious award...
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UCEM Guidelines on Resuscitation

With the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR)'s worksheets now being made available for viewing as part of a worldwide effort involving hundreds of dedicated researchers working together over many years, UCEM has decided to preempt the next iteration of guidelines by creating their own.
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Waiting Room Gynaecology

As part of the ongoing review into Waiting Room design, the Council Executive of the UCEM would like to thank fondling members for the myriad of practical suggestions presented during the recent ‘Waiting Treatment Forum‘. One of the leading presentations…
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UCEM Mission Statement

UCEM founded on the knowledge and skills required for the prevention, diagnosis and management of acute and urgent aspects of illness affecting patients