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Margaret Ruth Dix (1902 – 1991) 340

Margaret Dix

Margaret Ruth Dix (1902 - 1991) was an English neuro-otologist. Dix-Hallpike Test (1952); Peep-Show technique (1947)
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Menière’s disease

Menière’s disease is a condition characterized by the triad of episodic vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss, caused by endolymphatic hydrops of the labyrinthine system of the inner ear.
André-Alfred Lemierre (1875 – 1956) 1200

André Lemierre

André-Alfred Lemierre (1875 – 1956) was a French bacteriologist. Best known for his 1836 publication on the condition now known as Lemierre syndrome
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Epley maneuver

Description A particle repositioning maneuver for the treatment of BPPV – with the aim of moving the canaliths out of the posterior semicircular, back into the utricle. It have been shown to be safe and can be effective at resolving…

Adam Politzer

Ádám Politzer (1835 - 1920) was a Hungarian Otolaryngologist. one of the principal founders of otology, was the first Professor of Otology in Vienna

Charles Ballance

Biography Born 30 August 1856 in Clapton, England 1881 – MBBS St. Thomas Medical School (gold medal in surgery) 1885 – FRCS Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons 1915 – Consultant surgeon to the British Army, stationed at Malta…