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CCC Critical Care compendium 340

Coroner’s clot

The 'Coroner's clot' is an occult clot of blood remaining in the nasopharynx behind the soft palate following local surgery or trauma that has the potential to cause fatal airway obstruction following extubation/ removal of a supraglottic airway device (SAD)
Carlo Mondini (1729-1803) 340

Carlo Mondini

Carlo Mondini (1729 – 1803) was an Italian anatomist and physician. Described the Mondini deformity of the inner ear with congenital deafness in 1791

The True Angina

A 44 year-old man presents to the ED 2 days after having an infected left mandibular second molar tooth extracted by his dentist.

Just a sore throat

aka ENT Equivocation 002 A 38 year old male with a background history of type 2 diabetes presents with fevers, rigors and pain on swallowing. There is no sign of impending airway compromise; however, marked trismus is noted. The following…


The Hurty Throat

It's your first day on the job in the ED and first up is a 23 year-old male with a 2 day history of a sore throat. He's had difficulty swallowing and finds it painful to eat and drink.
Sidney Yankauer (1872–1932) 340

Sidney Yankauer

Sidney Yankauer (1872–1932) was an American otolaryngologist. Eponymously affiliated with the Yankauer suction tip

A Case of Epistaxis

A 34 female presents to ED at 2am, post waking up with blood all over her pillow, and a continuous ooze of blood from her right nostril.