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Hermann Boerhaave (1668 – 1738) 340

Hermann Boerhaave

Hermann Boerhaave (1668 – 1738) was a Dutch physician, chemist, botanist and Christian humanist. The father of bed-side teaching. Eponymously affiliated with Boerhaave syndrome following his 1724 description of the death of Baron Jan von Wassenaer, Grand Admiral of the Dutch Fleet.
Walther Carl Eduard Kausch (1867 – 1928) 340

Walther Kausch

Walther Carl Eduard Kausch (1867 – 1928) was a German surgeon. 1907 performed first successful partial pancreatoduodenectomy (Whipple)
Alessandro Codivilla (1861 – 1912) 340

Alessandro Codivilla

Alessandro Codivilla (1861 – 1912) was an Italian surgeon. Original description of the first pancreatic head resection 1898 (Whipple)

Whipple procedure

Whipple procedure: Radical pancreatoduodenectomy for cancer of pancreas. Originally Codivilla (1898), then Kausch (1907) and Whipple (1934)
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