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Giovanni Battista Morgagni (1682 – 1771) 340

Giovanni Battista Morgagni

Giovanni Battista Morgagni (1682 – 1771) Italian physician, anatomist and pathologist. Morgagni correlated postmortem pathology and clinical findings
Vincent Alexander Bochdalek (1801–1883) 340

Vincent Alexander Bochdalek

Vincent Alexander Bochdalek (1801–1883) Czech anatomist and pathologist. Eponym: congenital posterior diaphragmatic foramen and herniation. Bochdalek Hernia
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Dunphy sign

Dunphy sign [* cough test; coughing test ] increased abdominal pain, localised to the right lower quadrant, with coughing. Attributed to John Englebert Dunphy (1908-1981)

Friedrich Trendelenburg

Biography Born May 24, 1844 in Berlin, Germany the son of the famous German philosopher Friedrich Adolf Trendelenburg (1802-1872) 1861 – his father thought him not yet ready to enter university, and sent him to Edinburgh to teach German to…

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Howship-Romberg sign

Description Pain and paraesthesia along the inner (medial) aspect of the thigh, down to the knee; and pain on internal rotation of the hip along the distribution of the obturator nerve. Caused by compression of the obturator nerve most commonly…

Charles Ballance

Biography Born 30 August 1856 in Clapton, England 1881 – MBBS St. Thomas Medical School (gold medal in surgery) 1885 – FRCS Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons 1915 – Consultant surgeon to the British Army, stationed at Malta…

Carl Langenbuch

Carl Johann August Langenbuch (1846 - 1901) was a German surgeon. Pioneer in hepatobiliary surgery and performed the first cholecystectomy at the Lazarus Hospital in Berlin in July 1882

Johannes Otto Kehr

Biography Born 27 April 1862 in Waltershausen, Thuringia, Germany Died 20 May 1916 Medical Eponyms Kehr sign Key Medical Attributions Major Publications Kehr H. Die chirurgische Behandlung der Gallensteinkrankheit; ein Rückblick auf 206 Gallenstein-Laparotomieen unter besonderem Hinweis auf die Nothwendigkeit…

Ambroise Paré

Biography Born in 1509/1510 in Bourg-Hersant (Laval), France Died December 20, 1590 in Paris, France Medical Eponyms Key Medical Contributions Major Publications Paré A. Briefve collection de l’administration anatomique. 1549 Paré A. La maniere de traicter les playes faictes tant…