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Alfred Jean Fournier (1832-1914) 340

Jean Alfred Fournier

Alfred Jean Fournier (1832-1914) was a French Dermatovereologist specialising in congenital syphillis, stressing the importance of syphilis as a cause of degenerative diseases and parasyphilitic conditions.

Jean-Baptiste Hippolyte Dance

Biography Born 21 February 1797 Saint-Pal-de Chalencon, France Died of cholera on 18 April 1832 inParis Medical Eponyms Dance Sign (1826) sausage-like mass in the right upper quadrant with absence of bowel (or emptiness) in the right lower quadrant. The…

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Acute Cholangitis

Acute or ascending cholangitis is a potentially life-threatening systemic infection resulting from inflammation and infection of the biliary tree due to bacterial growth in the bile, usually in the context of biliary obstruction
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Toxic megacolon

Toxic megacolon is colonic dilation (>6cm) with systemic toxicity, usually due to an acute colitis; can involve the whole colon or only one segment.
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Ileus = absence of bowel motility; (1) dynamic ileus (2) spastic ileus (rare: porphyria or lead poisoning) (3) ischaemic ileus
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Pyloric Stenosis

Pyloric Stenosis is a medial emergency that requires urgent fluid resuscitation and resolution of biochemical abnormalities. Definitive surgical treatment can then be undertaken to restore enteral nutrition.