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Bernard Kayser

Biography Born 6 August 1869 Bremen, Germany Died 11 May 1954, Stuttgart, Germany Key Medical Attributions Medical Eponyms Kayser-Fleischer Ring (1902, 1903) Controversies Major Publications Kayser B. Ueber einen Fall von angeborener grünlicher Verfärbung der Cornea. Klinische Monatsblatter für Augenheilkunde. 1902;40(2):22-25…

Kayser-Fleischer Ring

Description What is the actual eponymous medical sign/syndrome/repair/classification… History 1902 Kayser 1903 – Fleischer description in the same journal, a year after Kayser. His contribution went beyond that of Kayser, he recognised that the ring was a marker for a…

Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst Albrecht von Gräfe (1828 – 1870)

Albrecht von Graefe

Albrecht von Gräfe (1828 – 1870) was a German ophthalmologist. Founder of scientific ophthalmology, Graefe sign (1864)
John Dalrymple (1803 – 1852)

John Dalrymple

John Dalrymple (1803-1852) English surgeon and ophthalmologist. Dalrymple sign (1952) relating to Graves disease; dissection and histology of first case of multiple myeloma with Bence Jones (1846)
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Dalrymple sign

Dalrymple sign: Widened palpebral tissue (lid retraction) or lid spasm seen in thyrotoxicosis (Graves disease) by John Dalrymple (1852)
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Stellwag Sign

Stellwag Sign: decreased, incomplete or infrequent blinking in patients with exophthalmic goitre (Graves-Basedow disease). Stellwag sign may also seen in progressive supranuclear palsy, and in dysthyroid eye disease
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Horner Syndrome

Horner syndrome is associated with an interruption to the sympathetic nerve supply of the eye. It is characterized by the classic triad of miosis, partial ptosis, and anhidrosis +/- enophthalmos
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Lid cracked open

A 3 year-old boy is brought to the emergency department by his father after coming second best in a head versus chair collision. Eyelid laceration
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Bashed, Blind and Bulging

A 35 year-old martial artist presents with loss of vision in his right eye after being on the wrong end of a spinning back fist. Can you save his eyesight?
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Blunt Trauma to the Eye

Your Emergency Department Director decided that a team-building exercise at the local boxing gym would be a good idea. You are left to hold the fort at work. Blunt ocular trauma