Joseph François Malgaigne

Joseph François Malgaigne (1806 – 1865)

Joseph François Malgaigne (1806 – 1865) was a French Surgeon.

Surgeon, medical historian and critical thinker. Eponymously affiliated with the Malgaigne Fracture (1847)

Malgaigne’s published a 1300 page, two volume treatise on fractures and dislocations (18471848 English translation 1859). This work was arguably the most comprehensive overview of orthopaedics of the 19th century (although Astley Paston Cooper may disagree…)


  • Born 14 February 1806 in Charmes-sur-Moselle
  • 1831 – doctorate of medicine with thesis ‘Paradoxes de médecine théorique et pratique‘ in which he defended the teaching of the history of medicine and surgery
  • 1847 – editor of the ‘Medico-Chirurgical Revue de Paris’
  • 1840 – Founded the ‘Journal de Chirurgie
  • Died 1865

Medical Eponyms

Key Medical Attributions

Statistical evaluations included mortality rates form surgical procedures especially amputations (1841) and treatise on statistics of fractures and luxations (1839).

In 1840 he published a geographical analysis or ‘medicostatistical map‘ correlating inguinal hernia’s with mountainous country and the ‘culture of the olive’ in France

Interesting fact

Malgaigne had two daughters with his wife Aglaé Françoise Pommier (1818-1893). One of them married the professor of surgery Léon Clement Le Fort.

Major Publications


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