Persevering: Lessons learned

Persevering Through A Pandemic – 6 – Learnings We Might Take Away

This episode focuses on learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic. Important lessons our global Intensive Care community, your local ICU and you personally might take away from what the novel coronavirus has caused – at least so far.

Previous episodes of this series (a series best listened to in episode order) have allowed you to hear the experiences of busy ICU clinicians, the work of an ICU clinical psychologist, and some supportive strategies different institutions have used during the pandemic. Here you’ll listen to the valuable thoughts and considerations about topics including personal wellbeing, awareness of mindset, effects on healthcare workers as a group and even some possible gains from the pandemic hardship.

In this sixth episode of the “Persevering Through A Pandemic” series, the guests (in order of appearance) are Dr Rana Awdish, Dr Hayley Gershengorn, Dr Laura Rock, Dr Wes Ely, CCRN Simone Hannah-Clark, Dr Peter Brindley, Dr Matt Morgan, Dr Hugh Montgomery, Dr Georg Auzinger and Dr Julie Highfield.

I firmly believe that ICU clinicians across the world need to spend time reflecting, processing or simply healing from this pandemic. Reinvigorating ourselves from the difficulties we’ve suffered and restoring ourselves for whatever is to come. My hope is this episode will help you to do this.

Thank you for listening to these wise and thoughtful Intensive Care clinicians speak about how they’ve been “Persevering Through A Pandemic”.

Andrew Davies

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