Persevering: Sick of COVID

Persevering Through A Pandemic: 1 – Are you sick of COVID?

Are you sick of COVID?

How have you coped in this pandemic?

And what’s it actually felt like to live and work throughout this last two years?

Concerned for the wellbeing of healthcare professionals in the hardest hit ICUs during the COVID-19 pandemic, I interviewed a group of clinicians previously featured on the podcast.

In this first episode of a series focusing on Intensive Care clinician wellbeing during the pandemic, you’ll hear the voices of Dr Laura Rock, Dr Peter Brindley and Dr Wes Ely.

With an emphasis on personal wellbeing, I aimed to uncover their feelings, their struggles, their perspectives and their take-aways from this prolonged global healthcare crisis.

My hope is to help you to reflect on and to process your own pandemic experience and to hear lessons you might take away to your Intensive Care community.

Thank you for listening to these wise and thoughtful Intensive Care clinicians tell you how they’ve been “Persevering Through A Pandemic”.

Andrew Davies

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