Persevering through a Pandemic

I’m trying something different on the Mastering Intensive Care project.

Welcome to a special series named Persevering Through A Pandemic.

Aghast at the stories I’d heard from Intensive Care colleagues amid large COVID-19 surges I approached several previous podcast guests in countries that had been harder hit than Australia.

Concerned for their wellbeing I asked if they’d talk to me about what they’d been going through to help me understand how the health professionals in the busiest ICUs had been coping.

They willingly shared their stories and reflections on many aspects of their experience. Their feelings, their struggles, their teammates, their learnings, their take-aways.

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. Please listen in over the next 6 weekly episodes as a group of wise and thoughtful Intensive Care clinicians tell you how they have been “Persevering Through A Pandemic”.

Andrew Davies

Persevering Through A Pandemic Series


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Dr Andrew Davies MBBS FRACP FCIC. Intensivist/researcher at Frankston Hospital, Melbourne. Aiming to bring my best self to work & life. | Mastering Intensive Care | New Normal project |

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