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Moore fracture 680

Moore fracture

Moore fracture (1870) of the distal end of the radius; luxation distal ulna; fracture ulna styloid. Edward Mott Moore (1814–1902) American Surgeon.
Frederic Jay Cotton (1869 - 1939) 340 2

Frederic Jay Cotton

Frederic Jay Cotton (1869–1939) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon. Eponymously affiliated with the Cotton fracture (trimalleolar fracture) and Cotton-Loader position (hyper-flexed wrist with ulna deviation in closed reduction of distal radius fractures)
Edward Mott Moore (1814-1902) 680

Edward Moore

Edward Mott Moore (1814-1902) was an American Surgeon. Best known for his eponymous description of the Moore fracture in 1870