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Erich Seidel

Erich Seidel (1882 – 1948) was a German ophthalmologist. The Seidel Test (1921) is used to assess the presence of anterior chamber leakage in the cornea following trauma.
CCC Critical Care Compendium 680

Eye Trauma DDx

Differential diagnosis of eye trauma. Trauma can result in a range of injuries, both blunt and penetrating.
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Lid cracked open

A 3 year-old boy is brought to the emergency department by his father after coming second best in a head versus chair collision. Eyelid laceration
Ophthalmology-Befuddler 340 256

Bashed, Blind and Bulging

A 35 year-old martial artist presents with loss of vision in his right eye after being on the wrong end of a spinning back fist. Can you save his eyesight?
Ophthalmology-Befuddler 340 256

Another Poke in the Eye

A man was poked in the eye and now has a sharp pain on the surface of his eye and is photophobic. Can you diagnose and treat his condition?
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Blunt Trauma to the Eye

Your Emergency Department Director decided that a team-building exercise at the local boxing gym would be a good idea. You are left to hold the fort at work. Blunt ocular trauma
Ophthalmology-Befuddler 340 256

Blown out

A 26 year-old man presents with left periorbital swelling and double vision after being hit in the eye by a high-speed squash ball.