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Albert Hoffa

Albert Hoffa (1859 - 1907) was a German orthopedic surgeon. eponymously affiliated with a distal femur fracture (1888); an operation for congenital hip dislocations (1890); the development of a system of massage therapy, the Hoffa system (1893); and the Hoffa fat pad
Georges C.Noulis (1849-1919) 340

Georges C. Noulis

Georges C.Noulis (1849-1919). Greek surgeon credited as the first to describe testing the functional integrity of the ACL and knee ligaments (Lachman Test)
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Lachman Test

Lachman test is a clinical test used to diagnose injury of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Eponymised to John W Lachman, first described by GC Noulis
John W Lachman (1919-2007) 340

John W Lachman

John W Lachman (1919 – 2007) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon. Eponymously associated with the Lachman test of knee ligament stability
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McMurray test

McMurray test is used to evaluate individuals for tears in the meniscus of the knee. First described 1928 by Thomas Porter McMurray (1887-1949)
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Segond fracture

Segond fracture: Avulsion fracture (small) of the lateral surface of the lateral tibial condyle. Paul Ferdinand Segond (1851-1912) described 1879
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Apley Test

Apley Grind test (Apley Compression test) is a maneuver that is performed to evaluate for meniscus injury. 1947 by Alan Graham Apley (1914 - 1996)