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Henry Harrington Janeway (1873-1921) 680

Henry Janeway

Henry Harrington Janeway (1873-1921) was an American physician and pioneer for radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer. Janeway Gastrostomy, Janeway Laryngoscope
Ernst Trier Mørch (1908-1996) 340

Ernst Mørch

Ernst Trier Mørch (1908-1996) was a Danish-American anesthesiologist, inventor, geneticist and humanitarian. Mueller-Mørch ventilator (1954); Mørch Laryngoscope (1951)
Raymond Fink (1914 – 2000) 340

B. Raymond Fink

B. Raymond Fink (1914 – 2000) was an American anesthesiologist. Fink effect (1955): diffusion anoxia/hypoxia or the third gas effect; Fink Laryngoscope Blade (1958); Fink Non-rebreathing Valve (1954)
Macintosh laryngoscope 680

Macintosh laryngoscope

The Macintosh laryngoscope has a curved blade which allows exposure of the larynx by positioning the tip in the vallecula, anterior to the epiglottis, lifting it out of view. Designed 1943 by Sir Robert Reynolds Macintosh (1897–1989) New Zealand Anaesthetist.
Robert Arden Miller (1906 – 1976) 340

Robert Arden Miller

Robert Arden Miller (1906 – 1976) American anesthesiologist. Miller laryngoscope blade, first manufactured by the Welch-Allyn Company (1941)

If the lights go out…

If the light on the laryngoscope fails, clean contact between blade and handle, check bulb is screwed in place securely. If this fails, use a spoon