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Medmastery: Renal ultrasound

Nikolaus Mayr explains how to identify the left and right kidneys on an ultrasound display and know where they are in relation to other anatomical landmarks around them.
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POCUS: Hydronephrosis

Exploring the Point of Care Ultrasound Essentials course with a video demonstrating the renal and bladder ultrasound examination to identify hydronephrosis.
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Ultrasound Case 033

A 49 year old woman falls off her bike, she is stable and has an abrasion along her right flank. You can feel a mass in the RUQ and perform an EFAST scan.
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Bladder Stone: Case 1

This patient is presenting with 1 day of left flank pain that resolved in the emergency department. What does this image show? Does it explain the patient's pain?
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Bladder Stone: Case 2

Young male presents with severe sharp right flank pain radiating to the testicle. Just prior to the ultrasound his pain had resolved. What does the below image of the right kidney in longitudinal section show?
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Distal VUJ stone: Case 5

Ongoing right iliac fossa to right testicle intermittent sharp pain. What does this clip show? Now that you confirmed there is obstruction to the right renal draining system, you move to the bladder to check the common area calculi get…