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Spaso Miljesic Croatian, Nurse Specialist 340

Spaso technique

Spaso Miljesic (1946 - ) Croatian, Nurse Specialist. Famous for the 'Spaso technique' for the reduction of shoulder dislocations described in 1998.

Dislocated? Put your shoulder into it!

Shoulder dislocations. Few procedures are more fulfilling in the emergency department. A little intra-articular lidocaine, some ketamine (always the answer), some propofol, and you’ve nearly instantaneously fixed a painful condition. Thankfully we’ve moved on from the barbaric techniques pictured below.…

Henry Milch (1895 – 1964) 340

Henry Milch

Henry Milch (1895 - 1964) was an American Orthopedic Surgeon. Eponymous with the Milch method of shoulder reduction