Franz Wiesbauer

Internist at the Medical University of Vienna and founder of Medmastery. Master’s degree in public health at Johns Hopkins University as a Fulbright student. Passionate about teaching. | Twitter |
eponym LITFL 340
Emil Pins
Emil Elias Pins (1847 - 1913) was an Austrian physician. Pins sign (1889) of pericarditis and pericardial effusion similar to Ewart sign
Lorenz Bohler (1885 – 1973) 340
Lorenz Böhler
Lorenz Böhler (1885 – 1973) Austrian Physician and Surgeon. Eponymously associated with Böhler angle – a measurement on a lateral foot x-ray to determine calcaneal injuries
MedMastery ECG Masterclass 340
ECG Mastery: Cardiac axis
ECG Mastery: Cardiac axis. In this video, they cover the evaluation of the cardiac axis and when knowledge of the axis actually makes a difference to your patient's care.