Ronan McKenna

Dr Ronan McKenna, MB BCh BAO at National University of Ireland Galway. Living in Australia with  plans for a future in Emergency Medicine. A keen interest in Medical History, Wilderness Medicine and Sport.
Abraham Colles (1773 – 1843) 340
Abraham Colles
Abraham Colles (1773 - 1843) was an Irish surgeon and anatomist. Eponym: Colles Fracture (1814) distal radius/ulna fracture
John Rhea Barton (1794 – 1871) 340
John Barton
John Rhea Barton (1794-1871) was an American Orthopaedic Surgeon. Eponym: Barton fracture (1838). Intra-articular distal radius fracture.
Harry Finkelstein (1883 – 1975) 340
Harry Finkelstein
Harry Finkelstein (1883 – 1975) was an American Surgeon. Eponym - Finkelstein's Test (Modified Eichhoff test) to confirm De Quervain’s tenosynovitis
Francis Rynd (1801 – 1861) 340 1
Francis Rynd
Francis Rynd (1801 – 1861) was an Irish physician. Arguably the inventor of the hypodermic needle, performing and recording the results of the first hypodermic injection on June 3rd 1844.