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Fridericia Formula 340 2
Fridericia Formula
Fridericia Formula for calculating the QT interval on an (ECG) according to heart rate, described in 1920. Louis Sigurd Fridericia (1881-1947)
Bazett formula 340 1
Bazett formula
Bazett formula 'corrects' the measured QT interval to a value (QTc) attributable to a heart rate of 60 bpm. Thus providing a QT interval value that a particular patient would theoretically have if their heart rate was 60 beats/min
Samuel Albert Levine (1891 - 1966) 340 2
Samuel A. Levine
Samuel Albert Levine (1891-1966) Polish-American cardiologist. Eponym: Levine sign; Levine grading scale; Lown-Ganong-Levine
Carl Friedrich Otto Westphal (1833 – 1890) 340 3
Carl Westphal
Carl Friedrich Otto Westphal (1833-1890) was a German neurologist and psychiatrist. Westphal sign, Westphal syndrome, Westphall-Strümpell pseudosclerosis, Westphal-variant Huntington disease, Leyden-Westphal ataxia, and the Edinger-Westphal nucleus
Hulusi Behçet (1889 - 1948) 340
Hulûsi Behçet
Hulusi Behçet (1889 - 1948) was a Turkish dermatologist. Behçet disease (1936) ‘triple symptom complex’ of mouth aphthous ulcers, genital ulcers, and recurrent iritis