Sarah Longstaffe

Studied at University of Birmingham MBChB, and King's College London BSc (Psychology). British doctor working in Emergency Medicine, Perth. Special interests include elderly care, neurology and emergency medicine.
Lilly Magdalene Suzanne (née Sebők) Dubowitz (1930 - 2016) 340
Lilly Dubowitz
Lilly Dubowitz (1930 - 2016) Hungarian-born British paediatrician. Dubowitz Score (1970); Dubowitz neurological examination (1980)
Lisa Welander (1909 – 2001) 340
Lisa Welander
Lisa Welander (1909 - 2001) was a Swedish neurologist. Sweden's first professor of neurology. Welander distal myopathy; Wohlfart-Kugelberg-Welander syndrome
Judith Amy Waterlow Waterlow score 340 2
Judy Waterlow
Judith Amy Waterlow. English nurse and educator. Waterlow created the Waterlow Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment/Policy in 1985, and updated it in 2005.
eponym LITFL 340
Dorothea W. Barthel
Dorothea Wilhelmine (née Barthel) Beauchamp (1911 - 2003) was an American physical therapist. Barthel index of functional independence (1965)