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Are you Satisficed?

Review these chest radiographs of an ICU patient with respiratory deterioration. What has been missed? What cognitive bias contributed to the error?
to err is human 340 256 2


You are handed over a patient by a colleague (that's a 'handoff' to you Yanks)... He says he would usually send a patient like this home, but as the d-dimer is pending he suggests the patient should wait for the result.

We don’t need no FOAM Curriculum

The past few months have seen enthusiastic discussions of the need for a FOAM curriculum among users of free open access med(ical e)ducation. This topic was also in the spotlight at SMACC during the education plenary and the SMACC Q&A…

CCC Critical Care compendium 340

ICU Outreach

ICU Outreach, critical care outreach teams (CCOT), ICU liaison, intensive care. CCOT services were developed to meet the actual or potential needs of patients through critical care provision ‘without walls’
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

ICU Staffing

In most of the world, critically ill patients are managed in closed ICUs, the closed vs open-model debate is primarily of interest in the USA
CCC Critical Care compendium 340

ICU Design and Staffing

minimum standards relating to work practice, caseload, staffing and operational requirements, design, equipment and monitoring for Level III, II, I and Paediatric Intensive Care Units (PICUs)