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The victim of medical mistakes

Mary Ellen Mannix’s life was turned upside down when her baby, James, died while in the care of a hospital in the US.  In this piece, she talks to me frankly and openly about her experience.

The doctor who exposed his own error

Rather than hiding in shame from his mistakes, Bryan Bledsoe went public to tell the world about his error. Here, he tells me about the reasons behind that decision, and the consequences it has had for his career.
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Scientists discover genetic marker for administration

Molecular biologists working with a team of anthropologists have discovered a new gene that is set to revise the theories of social structure in humans. The team initially embarked on an ambitious project to discover when humans and our early…

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Your Management Team May Be Parasites

Management has synonymously been associated with bad decisions, selective cost cutting, raising it’s own salary and attempting to rob others of their ideas. This perception has led people to view managers as parasites, which according to new scientific data may…

He who is not forgotten will not die

When times get tough and external stressors tip the scales of emotional imbalance towards the darkness of unchartered thought...I seek solace in the sagacious mantra and steadfast oration of eloquent preceptors. One such inspirational raconteur, inspiring optimism in the face of adversity was Dr Randy Pausch.
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The Most Expensive Medical Equipment in the World

The elephant in the Health living room is the budget. The money is going to the wrong places and into pockets rather than into real improvements in health outcomes. The answer may lie with the science of clinical practice variation and starting a public conversation on the subject.
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Not Backwards in going Backwards

The newly formed Southern Hemisphere Information Technology '4 brains' group have covertly implemented a series of strategies within Australian hospitals which they are confident will coagulate productivity to a state of suppuration.
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Dear Potential Patient

A colleague just reminded me of one of my favorite 'letters' published in The Courier Mail, Queensland, Australia on May 04 2008. It pertains to the workings of the emergency physician.
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Patient Safety

Patient safety is defined as the “absence of adverse events” and often extended to include the activities involved in preventing adverse events, including adherence to quality standards and access to healthcare services