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Speaking Up

'Speaking up' refers to a person in a non-dominant or non-leader role expressing a concern or suggested course of action to another person in a dominant or leader role

Plaster slab

Fracture immbolization and complication. Review of the potential complications following application of a forearm plaster cast
Hearts In Darkness BawaGarba

Hearts In Darkness

Doctors, the world over, are reeling. The global telegraph (#BawaGarba) has been alight with conversations, most of them uncomprehending, shocked, dismayed, fearful. In several swift and definitive decisions, a UK paediatric trainee, Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was not only erased from…

The Art of Medicine or the Medicolegal minefield

When Hippocrates started tutoring the first medical students on the steps of the Acropolis back in Ancient Greece, the art of medicine was born and the gradual understanding of disease processes and healing could really begin. It really goes without…

mandatpry training

Saving Lives, One Online Module at a Time

I’m not sure how we ever used to manage multi-traumas. We must have been frightfully underprepared. Back in the days before mandatory training we relied, rather guilelessly, on experience, a suite of knowledge from texts and journals and M &…

When the elephant awakens…

A chronic shortfall in doctors has led to a great increase in new medical graduates in Australia. What does this mean for emergency medicine and the training of junior doctors?
FACEMs at Night 340

FACEMs at Night: An American Perspective

This is the first of two perspectives on whether FACEMs should work night night shifts, for the second, see Michelle Johnston’s ‘FACEMs at Night: A Mattress Stuffed with Flaw‘. My father, an active general surgeon who has been in practice…

FACEMs at Night 340

FACEMs at Night: A Mattress Stuffed with Flaw

This is the second of two perspectives on whether FACEMs should work night night shifts, for the first, see Anand Swaminathan’s ‘FACEMs at Night: An American Perspective‘. Let us take ourselves one fact. One, simple, undeniable fact. One cannot, after all,…