Category Eponym
Harris Miller Branham (1862 – 1936) 340

Harris Branham

Harris Miller Branham (1862 – 1936) was an American physician. Branham sign (1890) - bradycardia following occlusion the artery entering an arteriovenous fistula
Bezold–Jarisch reflex 340

Bezold–Jarisch reflex

Clinically, the Bezold-Jarisch reflex is an inhibitory reflex usually denoted as a cardioinhibitory reflex defined as bradycardia, vasodilation, and hypotension resulting from stimulation of cardiac receptors.
George Edward Fell (1849 – 1918) 340

George Fell

George Edward Fell (1849 – 1918); American surgeon and engineer. Innovator of Forced respiration (IPPV), Fell laryngeal tube, the electric chair and Fell apparatus
Joseph O’Dwyer (1841 – 1898) 340

Joseph O’Dwyer

Joseph O'Dwyer (1841 – 1898) was an American physician. Father of laryngeal intubation in croup; O'Dwyer plain tube; system for intralaryngeal intubation; Fell-O’Dwyer apparatus