Category Eponym
Owen Conor Ward (1923-2021) 680

Owen C. Ward

Owen Conor Ward (1923 – ) Irish paediatrician and cardiologist. Eponymously affiliated with Romano-Ward Syndrome which he described in 1964
Cesarino Romano (1924-2008) 680

Cesarino Romano

Cesarino Romano (1924 – 2008) was an Italian paediatrician. Romano-Ward syndrome Congenital (autosomal dominant) long QT syndrome (LQTS).
Fred Lange-Nielsen (1919-1989) 680

Fred Lange-Nielsen

Fred Lange-Nielsen (1919–1989) Norwegian physician and Jazz musician. 1957 with Anton Jervell, defined syncope, LQTS and congenital deaf (JLNS)
Anton Jervell (1901-1987) 680

Anton Jervell

Anton Jervell (1901 – 1987) was a Norwegian physician with Fred Lange-Nielsen, described syncope, LQTS and congenital deafness (JLNS) in 1957

Charles Bertrand

Charles AHA Bertrand (1777-1849) was a French physician; Least recognised for his self-experimentation with charcoal as an antidote for ingested poisonings.
Louis Henri Vaquez (1860-1936) 680

Louis Vaquez

Louis Henri Vaquez (1860-1936) was a French physician and cardiologist. Described polycythaemia vera (Vaquez-Osler disease) in 1892